Year 08/09



Module VI (Project) is mandatory in the third semester for all students. Its objective is to bring the student in contact with the industrial or business world in order to carry out a Master's Degree project related to a problem previously defined in the Industrial Problems Workshop class. All the professors from the Master's Degree program and external collaborators from the industry will participate and at least one of the project's directors will be a doctor.

The assigned Master's Degree projects in cooperation with the collaborating companies are as follows:

Project Title Collaborating Company
Development and Implementation of NVH systems for noise and vibration reduction in buses Castrosua
Calculations of fluid behavior in flat board plate solar thermal panels and selection of optimal labyrinth Gamelsa
CFD wake studies in different types of ships. Effect of the propeller load distribution in the calculation of effective wake Baliño
One-factor market models for interest rates AFI
Development of a mathematical model of an integral bypass EGR valve Dayco Ensa
Execute numerical simulations with realistic physical forces to understand the effect of the circulation patterns in transport, concentration, and seaweed growth Spanish Institute of Oceanography
Numerical simulation of coal distribution among the fingers of a burner Endesa
Simulation of erosion in fly ash silos from the As Pontes power plant Endesa
Initialize the approach to mathematical simulation of elements and wood construction systems CIS Madera
Develop an application of radiation dose calculations for cancer treatment CESGA
Deformation of metal plates by magnetism Gamelsa
Evaluation of the technical viability in the use of support energies such as wind propulsion (kites) Celeiro
Design a watertight elastomeric seal to apply in doors and hatches in the naval sector AIMEN
Development of a dynamic model of a generic flexible element with 6 degrees of freedom on each end based on modal condensation Ikerlan
Simulation of non-destructive testing electromagnetic systems AIMEN
The aerodynamic coefficient of a bus UNVI
Generate a manipulation program of curves for parametrization and use in finite element programs: Curves of mechanical characterization of materials Grupo Antolín
Simulation processes of forge, welding, and thermal treatments moulding AIMEN
Two-factor market models for interest rates AFI
Generate a manipulation curves program for parametrization and use in finite element programs: Correlation Grupo Antolín
Pending on the name of the project Diputación de Pontevedra
Pending on the name of the project ITT