List of Talks

O.R. Abib Sub-Riemannian geodesics in Lie groups
P. Alberca Bjerregaard, C. Martín González Matrix of a derivation of H(Os,-)
H. Albuquerque, A. Elduque, J.M. Pérez Izquierdo A note on antiassociative superalgebras
D.V. Alekseevsky Semisimple Lie algebras, Dynkin diagrams and geometry of flag manifolds
I.V. Arzhantsev  Affine embeddings with a finite number of orbits /
On stability of subgroups actions on certain quasihomogeneous G-varieties
S. Azam  Extended affine Lie algebras and root systems
A. Baklouti, H. Fujiwara Harmonic analysis for certain monomial repesentations of an exponential solvable Lie group
P. Benito, C. Draper, A. Elduque Lie triple algebras related to octonions
S. Benayadi Inductive classification of quadratic Lie superalgebras via the notion of  double extension
M.I. Berenguer, A.R. Villena Lie derivations and Lie isomorphisms on Banach algebras: structure and continuity
M. Bordemann Algebras with nondegenerate invariant bilinear forms via T*-extensions
C. Braga Barros, L.A.B. San Martín Chain control sets on flag manifolds
Sh. Bromberg, A. Medina Left-invariant Metrics on Lorentzian irreducible groups
M.S. Bruzón, M.L. Gandarías Symmetry reductions for a dissipative KdV equation
D. Burde  Affine Cohomology Classes for Filiform Lie Algebras
J.M. Cabezas, J.R. Gómez, E. Pastor Structure theorem for naturally graded 3-filiform Lie algebras
M. Calaza Cabanas  Morse inequalities for orbit spaces
A. Calderón Martín, C. Martín González On two graded L*-algebras and L*-triple systems
L.M. Camacho, J.R. Gómez, R.M. Navarro Quasifiliform Lie algebras of dimension 8 with minimal derived
O.R. Campoamor Stursberg  On k-abelian, p-filiform Lie algebras
J. Cariñena Marzo  Lie-Scheffers systems in physics
J. Casas Mirás, A.M. Vieites Central extensions of perfect Leibniz algebras
A.T. Fomenko Lie groups and integrable Hamiltonian systems
M. Gilg  Nilpotent Lie superalgebras
H. Glöckner  Universal Complexifications of Banach Lie groups.
J.R. Gómez, A. Jiménez-Merchán, J. Reyes Nilpotent Lie algebras with great length
J.R. Gómez, I. Rodríguez On the Lie algebras with nilindex 3
A. González López Partially solvable problems in quantum mechanics
V. Gorbatsevich Isometry gorups of aspherical Riemannian manifolds
Yu.B. Hakimjanov Groupes de Lie nilpotents à structure affine invariante à gauche
K.H. Hofmann  Infinite dimensional homogeneous spaces of compact groups
A. Iranmanesh  Hyperstructures and Lie algebra
S. Kaneyuki  Parahermitian and Cayley type symmetric spaces
A.H. Kara  Conservation laws from nonlocal (potential) symmetries
V.K. Kharchenko  On quantization of Lie algebras
E. Koelink Lie algebra representations and special functions
J. Kubarski  Lie Functor for principal bundles and characteristic classes
M. de León Summetries and reduction in mechanics
E. Macías Virgós Diffeological groups
O.V. Manturov  Chord diagrams and invariant tensors.
V.O. Manturov  On invariant tensors and knots
Á. Martín del Rey, J. Muñoz Masqué Differential invariants of second-order differential equations with respect to arbitrary changes of coordinates of the independent variable
A. Martín Méndez, J.F. Torres Lopera On the Spencer complex of the subalgebra g0 of a transitive semisimple graded Lie algebra
X.M. Masa Vázquez  Alexander-Spanier cohomology of a Lie foliation
A. Medina Geometry of Lie Groups
A. Meurman, M. Primc A basis of the basic sl~(3,C)-module
C. Moreno Quantization of Lie-bialgebras
C. Muriel, J.L. Romero C8-Symmetries and Integrability of Ordinary Differential Equations
M. Nacinovich Lie algebras and homogeneous CR manifolds
K.-H. Neeb Kähler orbits and corresponding representations of infinite-dimensional classical groups
N. Rodriguez Quintero, G. Gaeta Lie symmetries and stochastic differential equations
S. Rueda  Some algebras similar to the enveloping algebra of sl(2)
M. Scheunert Introduction to the cohomology of Lie superalgebras and some applications
A.R. Villena  Structure of Lie derivations on Banach algebras
J. Winkelmann  Discreteness of generic subgroups of Lie groups
M. Yahyai  Les représentations étoile des groupes de Lie semi-simples